Welcome, my name is Kai Dunna; I am a professional photographer, serial entrepreneur, and speaker. In 2013, I launched FREEDOM54, an African inspired fashion line.FREEDOM54 truly uncovered and ignited my passion for photography.

As a photographer, exploring, and capturing the intricacies of photography  inspires me to be present in the moment. The key is to capture those unique  moments in life and anticipate the next genuine image in split seconds. 

Simply said, FREEDOM54 unlocked my eyes to the world of possibilities. As a  self-taught photographer, I am proud to have worked with a variety of emerging  fashion designers taking African fashion by storm.  Personally, being complacent and following the status quo are never an option. I am determined to take my work to the next level by challenging myself to remain authentic and versatile.

My  diverse range of photography skills has landed me in the Houston Chronicle and Culture Map Houston, to name a few. I  have an insatiable appetite to explore photography in all corners of the world.  I am available to travel to your corner of the world to capture your unique  moments into lifetime memories.

All in all, I am a Dad to Nayeli, Eli, and husband to a super-woman and business partner, Victoria.