Boston Seaport: A Visual and Culinary Adventure

By Kai 

When we think of Boston, what comes to mind might be its rich history, venerable institutions, or its sports culture. But one area that’s rapidly changing the face of this centuries-old city is the Boston Seaport. This burgeoning district is not only a hub of innovation and commerce but also a canvas of modern architecture and gastronomy.

The Stay: Omni Hotel in the Seaport

I had the pleasure of staying at the Omni Hotel, a gem in the Seaport District. The building itself is an architectural marvel, effortlessly blending luxury with contemporary design elements. The experience was as visually enriching as it was comfortable, making it the perfect starting point for my architectural photography journey through Boston.

Architectural Marvels: The Sky’s the Limit

As a Houston-based photographer, I was captivated by the blend of old and new that Boston’s skyline has to offer. But in the Seaport District, it’s a modern architectural playground. From the geometric patterns of the office buildings to the fluid designs of museums, every snapshot captures the youthful, innovative spirit of the area. In a city known for its colonial architecture and ancient landmarks, the Seaport stands as a testament to Boston’s unyielding march towards the future.

Dining: A Melody of Flavors at Rosa Mexicano

No trip is complete without delving into the local culinary scene, and my dinner at Rosa Mexicano was a melodious blend of flavors and tradition. Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, Rosa Mexicano serves up dishes that are as colorful as they are delicious. Their guacamole prepared tableside is a performance in itself and provides the perfect prelude to an evening of incredible food.

Boston Seaport is not just a district; it’s a statement of how a city can evolve without losing sight of its roots. As I make my way back to Houston, I carry with me not just photographs, but experiences and flavors that tell the story of a city unafraid to embrace the new while cherishing the old. Until next time, Boston.

Effua McGowan Photoshoot for the launch of her Leadership Book

Effua McGowan is a towering woman with many accolades in her long-standing corporate career, but she’s most passionate about women’s leadership. Mrs. McGowan is the founder of Amazing You, LLC. Her organization is dedicated to the development of global human capital.

 I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. McGowan on the branding campaign for her recent book, “The ABC’s of Leadership.” I listened to her vision for the photoshoot; we selected the venue, and here are the results.   

Vesper Wine owners starring in a Bond-Like Photoshoot in Houston Riveroaks District.

I had a great time photographing Aisha Savage-Shirley and her husband, James Oliver Shirley.

 Aisha and James are a dynamic husband and wife team, and the owners of Vesper Wine. Vesper Wine is located here in Houston, Texas.  

The couple was celebrating their second wedding anniversary. We schedule the photoshoot right before their trip to Wine Country, where they planned on relaxing in the hot tub and drinking Bass Note Peach Tarragon Sangria.  

Bas Note Sangria tasting note - Ripe peaches, lemons, and a hint of tarragon married with crisp California white wine provide this sangria with an easy-drinking profile and a little zip.

We selected Riveroaks District, which is an excellent location for the photoshoot in Houston, Texas. Many sophisticated travelers from all around the world visit River Oaks District Houston to experience this unique outdoor shopping and dining district. Showcasing a curated collection of more than 60 fashionable, retail shops, restaurants, and cafes set amidst beautifully landscaped streets, River Oaks District Houston is one of my favorite locations for photoshoots in Houstons. Aisha and James showed up dressed like millionaires.